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Condo Laws

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How to win when you go to small claims court
Temperature A Hot Topic For Condo Owners
Status certificate would have prevented lien on parking spot
Court rules against condo with smoking cigar
Reserve fund also for unexpected big repairs
The bank of Mom and Dad can be costly
What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection
Board can't just pass resolution restricting pets
Confusing numbering of parking and locker units will cause headaches later
Noise Problems
Get your new room measurements in writing
Condo Insurance
How to win when you go to small claims court
Board can demand removal of tiles on balcony
Owner has right to see corporation records without charge
‘Green’ lifts designed to cut passenger wait times while reducing energy use
Condo Act review promises major change in Ontario
Common expense fees can't be withheld
Board can use court to deal with speeders
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