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What to consider when signing a yearlong listing agreement

My salesperson is asking me to sign a listing agreement that would last for a year. I’d hate to think it might take that long to sell my house. What can I do?

Before you sign a seller representation agreement, commonly known as a listing agreement, there are three important steps you should take: read it, understand it and discuss it with your would-be real estate representative. By taking the time to think about this issue, you’ve already put yourself on the right track.Click here to view the whole article.


Staying cool in the heated world of real estate

Do real estate contracts have a cooling-off period?

In Ontario, consumer protection legislation provides a “cooling off” period for certain types of contracts, during which the consumer can change their mind and cancel the contract without penalty. An important example of this is the contract to purchase a newly built condo from the builder. Click here to view the whole article.


New real estate rules mean offers to buy must be real offers

I heard there are new rules about how real estate professionals handle offers. How will this affect me when I buy a home?

Competing offer situations — commonly referred to as bidding wars — are common in some areas of Ontario. As of July 1, real estate professionals across Ontario have new rules for how they handle offers. Click here to view the whole article.

Professionals can help with the right choice

Can a real estate professional help me find a place to rent?

Even though recent reports show there are a lot of new rental condos coming onto the market, finding a rental property can be a daunting task. Searching through the newspaper and online ads, trekking to different locations to check out a prospect — it can be time-consuming and stressful. Click here to view the whole article.


When mortgage insurance matters

The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corp., better known as CMHC, plays an important role in helping Canadians buy a home.

CMHC has been around since 1944, when it was created by Parliament to provide low-cost housing and affordable mortgages to Second World War veterans returning home. Click here to view the whole article.


Buy or sell first? It’s a difficult question to answer

Q: Should I buy first or sell my existing home prior to making my next purchase?

A: That’s a tough decision most homeowners will have to face at some point. There is no right decision, but it’s important to know the potential consequences of both.Click here to view the whole article.



Grow-op clues: altered wiring, lots of vents and fresh paint

What steps can I take to protect myself against buying a former marijuana grow-op?

While the weather may not be ready to co-operate, next week’s official start to spring will be a welcome sign for green thumbs throughout the province who are itching to get back out into their gardens.

However, the truth is, not everyone stopped gardening over these colder-than-usual winter months. Marijuana grow-ops hide in plain sight and no community is immune. Click here to view the whole article.



Listing details should be double checked

As a buyer, how do I know the information from the online listing is accurate? If it isn’t, is there anything I can do about it?

Chances are. the first time you glimpse your dream home will be while you’re flipping through the real estate section of your local paper or scrolling through online listings. Regardless of how you find it, the listing information and accompanying photos or videos play an important role in landing the property on your short list and ultimately helping to determine if it’s a property you want to see. Click here to view the whole article.

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